BrandlightingTM Purpose.

It’s what we do. We believe that like each person on this planet, each business brand is unique and has something to share with the greater good.

Our Mission.

To reveal your brand’s unique purpose; helping cast its ever-present inner glow for the greater good.

We Offer GLOW, Not Spotlighting.

We believe that the hottest flames burn out the fastest. It’s great for sparking an effort or idea and is important in marketing, but our goal is not to have your brand spotlighted for a brief period of time. It isn’t sustainable. You’re more. Your brandlight should radiate from within. Your brand’s persona is steadfast and unique.

With that said, digiGLOW brandlights through seven channels of marketing; we’re a marketing services helper—both digital and traditional media are our strong suits.

Guiding Principles.

Before any decision is made or action taken, the “L’S” are considered:

  • Love-Not Fear {or if “love” is too touchy-feely, replace it with opportunity. The point is that we’re looking forward with opportunity, not feeling anxious and looking over our shoulder.}
  • Living W h i t e S p a c e  {a designer’s term for space around objects on a page or screen. In our case, let’s make decisions after we’ve taken a deep breath and see things from a different frame of mind.}
  • Listening {we can’t understand your background and wishes if we don’t listen. You need to understand your clients and their needs. We have a lot of listening to do before we can make a move.}
  • Show, Don’t Tell {let’s show what we mean and who we are as brands instead of telling our clients. Let’s take the extra step to make it easy for them and not get upset when they don’t understand. Let’s make great memories with our client interactions.}


left_bracket40x115right_bracket40x115Our Partners.
We consider our clients our partners. Even more, we want to deliver. So we partner with exceptionally talented, glowy businesses.