Strategy Consult with glowStrategy.

Do you have a marketing plan? Does it include all your resources? Budget? Charitable giving? An intimidating question, we know. Just like everything in life, a plan will help you consider all the factors, narrow in on your purpose, your target market, focus on tactics and set measurable goals. We can layout a living marketing plan to give purpose to your marketing…a living plan versus one that looks pretty on your shelf.


Consultant seems like a stuffy term. We prefer helper. But everyone seems to understand what consulting means. We can help you with ideas and an outline for your plan or do the drafting for you. It’s your choice to decide what’s helpful.

left_bracket40x115right_bracket40x115Community Bank Logo“We needed to update our strategy with our marketing efforts. digiGLOW outlined a marketing plan draft that was holistic in its scope, including  measurables and budget. Then I was able to focus in on priorities and the campaigns that needed our attention first.” Community Bank Owatonna